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Aaron & Alexander achieve their dream

When I first told you about brothers Aaron and Alexander there was one missing piece of the puzzle; pants! The boys needed their lion pants. Thankfully, their mother Zahyra was able to find a seamstress who can make them. The night before their big day, Zahyra placed the pants on chairs in the living room, called the boys out, and they got to see their lion pants for the first time.

I’ve never seen kids so excited about pants! But I mean these pants are so cool so yeah, I’d be excited too! But then their father Noe took it a step further and made them lion paws. They are these covers that go over their footwear to give it the appearance of actual lion paws. Aaron’s and Alexander’s lion was now ready for its big day. The day of the Lunar New Year Immersion right around 1:30 pm the brother’s lion emerged from the dressing room to interact with the crowd. Looking so fresh and so clean, the brothers marched through the hallways greeting guests as a crew of paparazzi followed closely. We could not keep the cameras off them. This has to be the most majestic lion I’ve ever seen. As the countdown approached 2:00 pm the crowd started counting down in unison during the last ten seconds. Happy New Year! The brothers approached the stage, led by a team of cheerleaders and an entourage of flag wavers and instrument clangers. The entrance was loud, the energy was contagious, the vibes were positive. The moment Aaron and Alexander had been working toward for over a year was finally here. They wowed an audience of nearly 500 guests. The lion laid on the floor, raised its butt, lifted its head, scratched its head, displayed fancy footwork, jumped on and off the platforms, and charmed the audience. Their roaring performance was met with a roaring applause and I can’t be more proud of these kids.

The brothers spent the rest of the day taking photos, watching the rest of the performances, and making some crafts. They stayed for the entire event just being happy in the new year, the best way to welcome the new year. As their parents began packing up, I had a chance to take a few photos with this cool lion. After everything was packed up, Alexander came up to me and showed me this cute lion drawing.

It caught me off guard. I asked “are you showing me your drawing or are you gifting me your drawing?” “This is for you.” I about cried as the people around me went “awe.” I was not expecting this cute gesture. I’m gonna cherish this drawing for ever. I hung it on my wall in my office but will frame it ASAP. Thank you Aaron and Alexander. I’m sure we’ll see many more amazing things from you in the Year of the Tiger!

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